January 30, 2015
by Marketing

Our Process Director Demo: How BP Logix Works With Business and IT Users


There is a perception that some CIOs and IT Directors use Q1 to determine what they will buy in order to implement it by Q4. We know the reality, however, is that smart businesspeople are always looking for solutions to improve their businesses. Whether its Q1 or Q3, or any time before or after, they continue to seek to understand how to be more productive and efficient.

Change and flexibility are the basis for growth-minded organizations. And while change is inevitable, it cannot be totally disruptive. There are big changes (losing major customers, replacing key executives, market swings), and there are small changes (implementing a new accounting system, re-organizing functional teams). Some may be anticipated and, therefore, manageable, while ‘big change’ can impact the way you do business going forward. In either case, companies need to be prepared to deal with some level of disruption— yet keep the cadence of their business moving in the direction of their goals.

The ability to adapt to read more

January 21, 2015
by Marketing

Workflow Trends 2015


With each passing business cycle, the response rate to critical issues that customers have come to expect increases. When a company delivers negative financial news to the Street, or their data is hacked and exploited, speed trumps strategy in terms of taking action. Major brands cannot just “grind it out”. 

Companies, whether large or small, need a foundation on which to run their business — a foundation that enables them to be decisive and actionable. From our perspective there is another correlation: companies that are most responsive to their customers have created an environment that uses processes and workflow as a competitive advantage.

It may appear to be a very simple tactic: use workflow effectively. But we believe it is more than that. We believe that in 2015 there will be far more emphasis on workflow as a strategic business priority, and see its role as the defining element of business solutions. So, yes, it may be simple to a point — but for businesses banking read more

January 14, 2015
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Rick Colen Drives Process Improvement and Implementation for the County of Fresno

100-commission-Fresno (1)

Rick Colen is not a man who wastes time. As the Deputy Director of Information Technology for Fresno County, he already has a lot on his plate managing a staff of 110 who support the needs of 7,000 users across 126 locations and 26 departments. When he’s not attending to the requests of his internal and external customers, Rick is a dedicated runner, marathoner and Search and Rescue volunteer. He brings to his job the same drive and passion he brings to everything he does. Rick knows what success looks like and how to attain it. 

The County of Fresno is situated in the heart of California’s Central Valley. It encompasses a diverse population of over one million people who work in agriculture, higher education, healthcare and a variety of other fields. Fresno is the county seat and the fifth largest city in California. It is also the 56th most populous metropolitan area within the U.S.

Rick’s team is responsible for all day-to-day IT operations in the County, including its read more

December 29, 2014
by Marketing

Progress in West Allis: Using BPM and Workflow to Make Local Government More Efficient


For the residents of most municipalities, knowing that their trash will be picked up weekly and that the street lights come on when they are supposed to is enough to keep them happy. Civic pride may not be what it used to be, but there are still places where a sense of belonging and happiness is encouraged by innovative local governments. West Allis, Wisconsin is one such place. A quick scroll through the city’s website shows a mayor who holds coffee klatches with residents twice per month, a program to help needy residents of the community, city-led efforts to encourage healthy living, and a host of other innovative ways to create a high quality of living. West Allis is about much more than just a place to live and do business. It is also a place that also seeks to improve the services it provides to its residents and business owners. 

West Allis has long been recognized as a forward-looking city. A suburb of Milwaukee, it counts among its biggest employers a diverse array of both read more

December 23, 2014
by Marketing

Kicking the Tires of BPM, Workflow and BP Logix


Our primary goal in understanding how we can best assist our customers, and prospects,  is to learn what they do and understand how they are doing it. We need to get a clear picture of their current environment or, in other words, we want to know their story.

Yet before a prospect is ready to engage with us, we also know they often want to kick the tires — to get a sense of our story—and to validate that they want to spend time with us to do that. We believe we have a compelling story and we love having that opportunity. This ‘conversation’ enables us to start a dialogue that enables us to understand where we and you, our prospect, intersect.

The BP Logix story is a somewhat ‘typical’ scenario. Our business emerged, and grew,  as a result of the inefficiencies we observed among vendors delivering  BPM solutions. The timing was 2008 and 2009 – and we had been developing enterprise software solutions for almost 10 years at that point. We recognized that BPM is, and was, not simply a one-size-fits-all approach read more