August 26, 2014
by Marketing

Five Considerations When Planning for Workflow and BPM

We get to work with some really innovative and interesting companies. Before we talk at any level of detail with a potential customer, we do a significant amount of research to learn more about their business, industry, organizational structure, and where they have had success. It is sometimes challenging work, but is always incredibly helpful, as it gives us a foundation to understand that organization and to identify both needs—and wants.

The truth about a company and its culture, however, does not usually come out until we have had a chance to meet with the people who will be implementing the workflows and organizing their business processes to work in this new way. We find IT managers and systems architects to be motivated, goal-focused individuals who are bent on doing things better. They have given serious consideration to the work they are preparing to do, and take pride in the foundation they have laid for that effort.

We also have observed that so many of the managers we talk read more

July 31, 2014
by Marketing

How BPM and Workflow Impact the Bottom Line

We have long been advocates of BPM and workflow as part of an overall approach to creating smarter and more efficient business operations. Our customers agree— and tend to frame that more succinctly: they seek methods and tools to help them improve profitability and business agility.

It also goes without saying that if the solutions cannot provide demonstrable benefits to the bottom line, they have no place within a forward-looking enterprise. Not everyone in every organization, however, obsesses about cost savings though. IT, for example, may just want to get things done faster — or with fewer obstacles. Purchasing might want to ensure faster sign-offs and approvals on requisitions and invoices. And HR certainly wants the employee onboarding process to work as smoothly and effortlessly as possible.

The benefit of workflow is that by using the tools that create a more efficient path, companies not only get their tasks done sooner — but also contribute to a more financially responsible environment. read more

July 10, 2014
by Marketing

The Art of a Beautiful Outcome: What Workflow and BPM Mean for Business Improvement

“Eating your own dog food” is a phrase that techies love to throw around — and while I have never loved it, it is apt in its intention. That well-worn phrase is aimed at describing the extent to which companies actually use their own products: the idea being that if it is good enough for them, it should be good enough for the public.

Not every product is meant for every situation, however. I do not think that Facebook wants its employees continuously looking at friends’ pictures and posting updates on their lunch plans (especially during business hours.) Yet, there is certainly truth in the concept of truly knowing your product— and being your own customer certainly provides those insights. Having to rely on your own creation forces you to consider how others may use it. In the case of workflow and business process management, if what you create is not helping you run things more efficiently, then it probably is not doing much good for anyone else either.

As a read more

June 25, 2014
by Marketing

Nothing to Fear: Overcoming Misconceptions About Workflow

There may be some reluctance on the part of executives and stakeholders to implement (automate) workflow within their organizations. That reluctance may be the result of either, 1) Existing habits and behaviors that are considered to be adequate, or 2) Fear. The former is actually more challenging to overcome from both an IT and business perspective, while the latter can often be addressed when an organization realizes how its business can become better, much better. It’s paradoxical to realize, too that fear is often what encourages people to hold on to old habits, thereby creating the mindset of, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Smart businesses are not fooled by that adage, however.

We are not suggesting that there is a tendency towards organizational status quo; it is easy to understand, however, that with the hope and promise of automated workflows comes some stress relative to not knowing what the future might bring. The vision of a well-oiled organization making more informed and read more

June 12, 2014
by Marketing

Are We There Yet? Preparing for Workflow

Operating a company can be like taking a family vacation. While the kids find ways to distract themselves and everyone else, the parents are focused on getting from Point A to Point B with as little disruption as possible. Arriving at the destination does not mean margaritas and frolicking in the pool for the parents, either; there is parking, checking in, unpacking and feeding the group, just for starters.

So too for those who run processes and operations within a company. If they were to be asked, “Are we there yet?” the answer would be, “We’re NEVER there.” That is truly the right answer, because business never stops. Processes start at the beginning, finish at the end, and then do “it” all over again…and again…and again.

The remedy that ensures smooth transmission of all data through an organization to its intended destination is workflow. Workflow used to be the domain primarily of large enterprises, armed with efficiency consultants. Now, however, solutions like Process Director provide a read more